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Urgent!!! - Regarding email accounts!
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Sun Mar 15 2009, 12:16AM

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Hello Everyone,

Due to the larger internet providers blocking TCP port 25 and other related spam issue's You must have an email address that accepts our mail server wich is on TCP port 25. Internet providers are cracking down. The XNova game require's email verification and it cannot connect to most email providers. The best way to tell if you have one of these providers it to try creating an account on XNova Uni4. Chances are you will see this error message below:

One option is to get a FREE email account on Once you register with Computer God!!! Your email address will be [yournick] You can access your email by logging in and going to the webmail form on the Computer God!!! synchronet BBS portal.

Warning: mail() [function.mail]: SMTP server response: 553 Relaying through this server requires authentication. Please authenticate before sending. in C:\sbbs\web\root\xnova4\reg.php on line 119

Thank you registering!

You can now login to Xerogame!

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Sun Mar 15 2009, 08:35PM

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Just a heads up for you in case your not sure what's going on. I have my own server that uses a Dynamic IP addressing system. Most email providers for EXAMPLE: Hotmail, Live, MSN, AOL, Earlink, ect...  block Dynamic IP addresses. They receive millions of spam emails per day. So this is one of their measures for blocking SPAM. So, in a nutshell they are blocking services like mine to make sure they do not receieve SPAM. They still however receive tons of SPAM. In my eyes and in the eye's of many other people they are telling the general public that they are offereing FULL internet service and FREE EMAIL! This to me is completely ridiculous. They are actually violating many laws to block email services according to many state laws. Or country laws. This is something I have been dealing with for years. back in the 90's we did not have this problem. Now of course these providers have changed the way they operate mail functions. We have the SPAMMERS to thank for this.

So why do I know so much about this? Because I was once a SPAMMER and I made good money at it for 4 years from 1997 - 2001. This is something that the providers decided to change. Then, new internet laws were passed after 9/11/2001. In a nut shell, Once again the laws of the internet changed. In this change they made it impossibly for me to make a living at what I was doing. Just one more way to keep small business at bay and monopolize the SPAM industry. Now we have Major Companies like: AOL, MSN, Microsoft, GOOGLE, Yahoo, Earthlink, Netzero, Ebay and countless other's cashing in on what is now what they consider evil but in the process is a huge money maker for them because they do it on a large scale.
Sounds nice huh?

In other words.. There is nothing wrong with the game or the Computer God!!! BBS mail server. It is fully functional and error free. It is most likely YOUR internet provider or YOUR email provider that is sticking it to us.


[ Edited Fri Mar 27 2009, 07:51PM ]
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Sat Apr 04 2009, 07:58PM
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Eeeuh... LOL

I have worked for quite a few years as a security analyst & consultant for big and smaller companies with an internet presence, a few smaller ISPs and together with some sollegues made a few anti-spam patches for qmail. In other words I have been on the other side of the barricades.

Spam sent through dynamic IP based servers, roughly accounted for 1/5th of all spam. In the heydays of spam, one small company I worked was hit by about 10K messages per day Blocking the dyn IP servers got rid of a quarter of those. Blocking rogue (Russian) internet businesses blocked another 65% and the rest was (mostly) filtered out by banyan/vines styled filters.
There is nothing more depressing than having to reconfigure mail servers that went down due to heavy spamming. Nowadays spam is again becoming a threat as more and more spammers used it to propagate trojan horse in order to enlist the receiver's computer into

Most anti-soam laws came to be because small and big companies came to rely on email for conducting business, and every day users being fed up having to wade through thousands of spams to find one or 2 bona fide messages. Recently spambots were created that target bulletin boards. Since they cracked the native captcha code of phpBB2 & 3, admins have to be creative in order to block those messages.

There is nothing wrong with anti-spam rules and laws, just as there is nothing wrong with It is just that times and technology evolve...


[ Edited Sat Apr 04 2009, 08:01PM ]
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