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»Putin: China plan could end war, but Ukraine and West not ready for peace
Mr Putin says China's plan could end the war - but he claims Ukraine and the West are not ready for ...
»Video shows police piling on Irvo Otieno before his death in custody
A US grand jury has indicted 10 people charged with second-degree murder for Irvo Otieno's death.
»Ugandan parliament passes bill to jail gay people
People identifying as gay or a sexual minority could face lengthy prison terms if it becomes law.
»Conspiracy theorists led family to death in Switzerland
Swiss investigators say adults in the family were obsessed with conspiracy theories.
»Badger tunnels halt traffic on Dutch railways
Trains in the north and south of the Netherlands are affected, with some services stopping for a wee ...

Date published: Wed, 22 Mar 2023 00:03:11 GMT
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