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Web site 101
Warchilin66, Thursday 02 February 2017 - 18:03:42

Hello, this is the first in a series of ebooks I will be writing.

Web site 101

Chapter 1

This ebook is to help you create a website with various different options. I will share with you the ways that you can create and maintain a website on a minimum to zero dollar budget all the way up to dedicated servers to hosting your site. So first you are going to need hosting to pay for or using a computer at home that you can run 24/7. I will clue you in on many of the FREE options to some of the more expensive options with high secure servers. So here are some of the options and option levels I will recommend. All fo this assumes that you have a full broad band connection to run a computer as a server. If you don't want to run a computer for 24/7 connected to the internet 24/7. In this ebook I will discuss the easy to use scenarios to the really difficult stuff. I will be posting the links in these ebooks. The first of these I would recommend as far as FREE services would be Synchronet BBS Software. The current version 3.15 as of this date. This option is by far the best option because it is easy to configure and brings so much potential to your project right out of the box. I will include instructions for those that want to learn it and use the powerful features it has.

Synchronet has been around since the late 1980's in the Bulletin Board Systems world. This software includes an HTTP web server, SMTP Mail server, Telnet Server, NNTP news server, IRC chat server, FTP file transfer protocol server, Plus it connects with Synchronet for DNS Domain Name Server hosts wich hosts your sub domain under the Synchronet mine is You can download the Sycnhronet BBS Software at either Sycnhronet or the link below. Sycnhronet for UNIX-x86/x64 platforms (Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and NetBSD) it is FREE ware and is currently updated on a daily basis.

The second option is to get hosting through an internet provider or a web hosting company. Web hosting usually costs between $8.00 a month. Up to thousands depending on what your hosting needs are. Average for a small business web site is about $14.00 a month. Plus your Domain Name Registration. Most domain registers charge between $4.00 to $8.00 a year. Some charge more like around $18.00 per year. I will list those in the bottom of this ebook. The Third option is to get a dedicated server. Getting a service provider or hosting provider with a dedicated server you have more control over the server yourself. These servers usually cost between $100.00 to $300 per month and you can get discounts
but no matter how you slice it and dice it you will still pay close to $100 a month. If you need a database then you are going to need a more dynamic website to collect the data should you need to collect the data and email campaign your needs to produce sales.

The fourth option or ADVANCED OPTION is to do a hybrid home server that can run 24/7. It keeps your costs down. You also have full service access to the machine. You can physically update it software and hardware wise. You can maintain your own machines and take them offline when you want. Of course if your power goes out you need some form of battery backup or generator backup. You will have to pay for your internet services plus your host providers if you don't. In these ebooks I will show you some of the advanced features and techniques for creating beginner to advanced users. Some of the information included will be the different types of software to use depending on you needs as a web developer or a data collector. I will give you all of the latest and greatest software. My goal is to educate you on the many different pieces of software that I recommend will benefit you in one way or another. I will show you the software such as SHOUTcast and ICEcastICEcast for steaming audio. I will show you the different ways to do web hosting like WHM/Sonic and cPanel. I will show you
such programs as XAMPP for windows and WAMPP for windows and LINUX/UNIX users and advanced web design. And I will coach you on setting it up. All that I ask in return is that you buy my ebook and I will share with you the links. My way of payment is to get the commissions off of the software or services I share. If you feel like these products are of use to you the purchase them through my affiliate links. I will also include in my ebooks the knowledge that I have so that you won't need to worry about research wise to getting into some great affiliate programs. So this is the FREE intro to my ebook. It will teach you about live video to live audio streaming, web hosting, web design, affiliate programs and co hosting as well as dedicated systems.

Synchronet v3.1x for Win32

Installation instructions for Windows
Installer/upgrade for Win32: (7MB) (September 2005)

Synchronet v3.14a for UNIX-x86/x64 platforms Upgrade (5MB) (December 2006)

Synchronet v3.15b for UNIX-x86/x64 platforms (Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and NetBSD)
Installation instructions for Unix

Synchronet Source Code Packages (current development)

Latest verifiably-buildable source/library package for Win32: (3MB)
Latest verifiably-buildable source/library package for Linux-x86: sbbs_src.tgz (3MB)

If you have any trouble you can find the Synchronet Support Manual here. And this is the main directory link.

End of the FREE Chapter Web site 101.

Web Site 102

Chapter 2

This chapter will include Apache Server and XAMPP and WAMPP for setup off full internet web site services on a local machine. You can literally create a website in under 30 minutes with these ready made server software bundled with Apache Server, MySQL Server, FileZilla FTP Server. I recommend XAMPP. I use both Synchronet and Apache with XAMPP to network my web site. I am using both http://cpugod.synchronet and I get DNS from Synchronet on my dynamic internet address from Synchronet. Then I either FileZilla FTP or Synchronet's FTP. So basically I am running a BBS system and a web site hybrid. So on the fly I can change which website is is and switch ip addressing to another machine for a backup if I need to. There are quite a few methods of getting internet access or do it yourself methods.You can get co hosting or dedicated hosting if you like which does cost a lot. So I chose to do the do it your self route. It can be rough getting through the process so I am writing this ebook so that I can save you the hassle of going through all of that. So this is my solution and my way of getting though the FREE do it your self scenario.

So now I am going to take you into XAMPP a little more. Right out of the box without a lot of effort installing is a breeze. There are only a few thing you need to edit once you get started. after that it is up to you to decide what you want your web site to be about. With XAMPP you can literally setup a web site in under 30 minutes with my steps to getting it up and running. The biggest key to this is getting XAMPP installed on the machine. It has great instructions. All that I did was install xampp into it's own directory of my c:\sbbs\web\root\ in the Apache http.conf file change the ROOT file to point to c:\sbbs\web\root\

When in stalling XAMPP you can also install other web hosting options. here is the list of what is installed.

Apache Friend's XAMPP is one of the most popular Apache + MySQL + PHP installable web development packages, similar to Bitnami's own WAMP, LAMP and MAMP stacks. Our goal with Bitnami is to make open source software easier to install and manage across all platforms. We have partnered with Apache Friends to port the Bitnami library of applications to XAMPP, providing a simple way to install your favorite applications, including Drupal, Joomla!, WordPress and many more. You can download below all-in-one installers for some of our most popular apps, for all the platforms supported by XAMPP (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X). We keep working to add the rest of the Bitnami library to the list of apps supported by XAMPP. To get started, download the module of your favorite application and follow the installation instructions.

Here is a link for basic HTML editing language. It will be a useful tool for you to create great html pages.

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James Salazar
Web site 101

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