News Item: Game and Site Requirements
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Posted by Warchilin66
Monday 12 July 2010 - 20:37:42

It is now a REQUIREMENT that if you are playing this game that you create an account on the website as well. Real names and email addresses are REQUIRED as well. If you cannot meet these requirements please let me know So I can delete your accounts.

Ok, So why is this now a REQUIREMENT? Easy answer for that one guys. There have been hack attempts on this system for the last two weeks. I supply this as a FREE Service to you and it comes out of my pocket. If you don't like it tough shit. Move on to another site.
For those of you that have not created an account instructions are below. I will be matching up email addresses from the games and the main site to see if they are match. I will also be verifying them manually by contacting everyone directly at their email address. compliance within 2 weeks is preferred.

There is a button on the main site to sign up. It says "Signup" there on the main web page. You can get there by going to or All players with Zero points are going to be removed. In fact I am removing all players that are under 100,000 points. It shows me that they have no interest in playing the game. Some users have been inactive for over a year now. Those will be deleted as well.
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