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Experimental music.
Yes, King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Faust, Can, Caravan.


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Fasba Fpel is a multi-media art collective releasing about 40 minutes of free new music with accompanying video and different guest musician every Saturday.

We have dedicated ourselves to releasing every recorded second of music that we play together. Unlike all other bands that fear to share their practices, we have nothing to hide. We believe that even our "errors" can be inspiring to other musicians and refuse to refuse our fans any recorded music. So next year we'll begin to release some of our old recordings and some other surprises that will make our goal of releasing at least 100 free albums in the year 2015 easily accomplished.

We also hope to remind people that music isn't just what's on the radio, it's a natural expression, and it's sounds, not perfectly tuned computer programming. Our weekly album series is simply the raw sounds of musicians experimenting in a room together.

If you are interested in guest starring on an album or adding other artistic contributions, please email us at -email-.

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